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Inspirational Poetry from Independent Poets

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Learn about our contributors and what inspires them to write.

Our Contributing Poets
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Blank verse poems don't rhyme, but still follow iambic pentameter.

Blank Verse Poetry
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Enjoy the unique styles of Rondeau, Sonnet, or the Villanelle.

Rondeau, Sonnet, & Villanelle
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There are several more forms of iambic poetry and still more besides iambic.

Other Iambics & Forms

Hopefully you'll find inspiration
among our treasures and look to write your own.

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About Us

I Think Therefore Iambic was started in Pearland, Texas, by poet Mary Gribble with the goal of helping others get exposure for their writing and inspirational poetry. I have been a poet for more than 60 years, and enjoy writing. I won a poetry contest by a magazine, which inspired me to keep going and now I want to share that gift with others by publishing their work and helping expose them to other poetry lovers around the world and to help them get shows. I Think Therefore Iambic was created for the expression of concepts by poets. Commercial mail is not appropriate. Here, you'll find poetry from select poets, including:

• Ted O. Badger
• John D. Engle, Jr. (1922-2006)
• Mary Gribble (1928-
• Troxey Kemper (1915-2002)
• Carol LaForet
• Harry Letton, Jr.
• William J. Middleton, PhD.
• Bruce Mitchell (1928-
• Janet Parker (d. 2005)
• Von Purdy (1958-2007)
• Ruby Reed
• G. Tod Slone
• Harvey Stanbrough


Thank you for your interest. Please reach out with questions or comments using the information below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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