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Sonnet, Villanelle, Other Forms - Janet Parker

Janet Parker, a recognized, award-winning poet, short story writer and by-line feature article writer for a newspaper, Janet has had several poetry books published, including Forever Yours, Janet, Poems to Remember, Poems to Share, Suncatchers and Among the Leaves, an award-winning chapbook. She has co-authored Poetically Yours and Trends with Mary Gribble. Janet's poetry can be seen in many of today's popular press journals. A Naval Chief Personnel Petty Officer, she attended Assumption College. With her husband, Dr. Fletcher Parker, she founded Poets' Gathering, an on-going poetry workshop for local poets.

Sonnet, Villanelle, Other Iambic, Other Forms - William J. "Bill" Middleton, Ph.D.

William J."Bill" Middleton, Ph.D. was born and educated in Texas. He and his wife Millie, have lived in Chadds Ford, PA for thirty-four years. Bill retired from DuPont after more than thirty years as a research chemist, and then spent eleven years teaching chemistry at Ursinus College in Collegeville, PA, where he is presently an Emeritus Professor of Research in Chemistry. His poetry books include It's About Time, Partners in Rhyme with Harvey Stanbrough), Professor McGee's Solution, Little Songs, Garden Rubaiyat, Limerick Tyme, Pun In Cheek, Limerick 101, My Color, Moon Dancing, and Half-Borrowed Couplets: The Poet and the Jester and Puns Upon A Rhyme, Pun and Games: It Could Be Verse, (2000), Rhyme And Punishment, (2001), Punny Limericks For Kidders and Grown-Ups (2002), A Pun My Word It Could Be Verse (2004) and others.

Von Purder

Von Purdy is an artist and cartoonist/caricature creator, remembering faces she has once observed with accuracy. Her poems are from a personal collection, HOPE, COURAGE, and FAITH. During her recovery, she experiments with watercolors. Here is one of God's creatures.

"I believe in the healing power of music. Acoustical guitars, mandolins and violins are my favorite instruments to hear."
"Thou has turned my mourning into dancing". Ps.30:11
"I was diagnosed with cancer in September 2004. I believe in prayer."
"Be of good courage all ye that hope in the Lord."
Ps 31:34

"I thank all who have prayed for me."
"The Lord heareth the prayer of the righteous."
Ps. 15:29

Favorite Scripture:
"Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They will mount up with wings like eagles.

They will run and not be weary/ They will walk and not faint.": Isaiah 40:31

Born November 15, 1958 Died May 14, 2007

Von, full of fun in the direst circumstances, died of one of the worst forms of cancer known: Synchronous mucinous Adenocarcinoma of the appendix.

"Research this. Do not allow anyone get this horrible disease", her final plea. She left a grieving, helpless family and friends who loved her dearly.

Wayne Lusvardi, a Vietnam Veteran and Paramedic, quit his lucrative job and visited Von nightly at Good Samaritan Hospital and later, in her home. Today, her followers are seeking and gathering research from patients, Doctors and scientists. Because the disease is so rare, Von has found through the Internet that patients know and guide with superior knowledge gleaned from first-hand experience., ranging from the choice of doctors who can help them and which patients are in remission for five years after accepting this help.

Because she was an artist, Von named her stuffed animals fashionably. The only wine she could enjoy was vermouth. She sampled a little beer in her younger day, but did not drink or smoke. Vermoose was a gift from her cousin, Roland "Doccie" Gohmert and his wife, Karen. "Doccie", a Vietnam Veteran, currently flies a helicopter in Alaska. He is one of the ten most experienced 'copter pilots in the world. Von loved him very much and still does.