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Sonnet - Harry Letton, Jr. (1915-2002) - a poet from San Marino, CA

Other Forms -Free Verse and Lyrical - G. Tod Slone

G. Tod Slone is Founder and Editor of The American Dissident (enmarge@aol.com), devoted to poetry and short essays highly critical of the American scene. He is the writer of three unpublished autobiographical novels and one play, all centered around corruption in the public higher and secondary educational systems. Mr. Slone writes against the grain of current American literature – against the grain of marketability. What American college president would hire a French/Spanish professor who blew the whistle on corruption in the Massachusetts state college system, to deaf ears, (e.g., The Boston Globe, The Chronicle of Higher Education, the Massachusetts Teachers Association, NEA, MLA, state Board of Higher Education, as well as a multitude of academics)? He fought that corruption and was awarded asmall monetary settlement during arbitration hearings. What American college president, indeed, would hire a professor with that background, as well as eight years of full-time college teaching experience at two American colleges, six years at two French universities, a doctorate from the Universite de Nantes (France) in Sociolinguistics, Canadian and Francophone Studies, a solid record of continuous scholarship, excellent student evaluation and two very favorable Ad Hoc Committee evaluations which countered the corrupt evaluations of two state-college emeriti chairpersons and a deceitful Vice President of Academic Affairs?

The answer to that question is ... not a single one. Why? Because public education today does not want professors who would devote themselves to the truth and justice, but rather those who would follow, fawn and most of all, fear. Currently, Mr. Slone is unemployed and without criminal record, although he could be sentenced to three months in prison if he stepped on the state property of the McKay Campus at Fitchburg State College ("The Leadership College"), because the Vice President of Academic Affairs of that institution had a writ of no-trespass issued as retaliation for documents circulated which proved he was a liar. The college president has, to this day, refused to revoke the order, despite several requests, including one made by the MTA.

Mr. Slone has written five full-length narratives. The fourth, Total Chaos: Behind the Facade of a National Blue Ribbon High School has been published by The People's Press. His last full-length narrative, Suburbanitica: Journal of a Citizen Lost/True Tales in the American Hypocrisy is "desperating" for a publisher. The motto of The American Dissident is a belated reply to Mr. Slone's college colleagues who suggested that perhaps he should stop criticizing aloud. It is "ESTOIT-IL LORS TEMPS DE MOY TAIRE?" (Was it then that I should have kept my mouth shut?) In Villon's 1463 poem, he writes to the court bailiff, who suggested he keep his mouth shut and hang like a man.