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Other Contributors

Carol W. La Foret

Coffee Break, Mud Shoes - from collected poems

Harry Letton, Jr.

Valentine - from collected poems

William J. Middleton, Ph.D.

Heptameter Sonnet - Moon Dancing, "Mile A Minute" Barney - My Color and Tucumcari Literary Review; Fireworks- Little Songs and Tucumcari Literary Review, On Finding An Old Book With Uncut Pages, Awakening - Little Songs; Tell Me I'm Brave - (Text Book) - The Road Less Traveled by Carl E. Heffley and It's About Time; To A Tick - It's About Time; What Milton Lost, Double Negative, No Compliments to the Chef - Pun in Cheek; Should Sue Sue, Skinny - Limerick 101; Triolet For Love - My Color; I'll Greet The Dawn - Little Songs; Ninety-Three - The Raintown Review, Vernon, Texas – Summer 1938 - It's About Time, Judge Mitt , Bach To Lunch - Punny Limericks For Kidders and Groan Ups; A Scholarly Wock - Pun and Games, It Could Be Verse; Jane Smith, Missing the Marx - A Pun My Word It Could Be Verse

Janet Parker

Blithe Spirit - won Reader's Choice in Poetic License; Paradise Found - Trends; Serving Others - won Reader's Choice in Poetic Challenge, Poetically Yours; The Perfect Day - Trends; Shangri-La - Trends; Chaos - Tucumcari Literary Review; Night, Millenium - Yummy Leftovers

G. Tod Slone, PhD

Ballade of the Flock Apathetic - Collected Poems. In America and The Tissue Of Artisans, The United Sheepdom of America - No Lite, February At Old Orchard Beach, 2004, The Travesty of Thoreau - The American Dissident Vol. 9, 2004 Sketch of Oscar Wilde by American Dissident, . Maudit

Jendi B. Reiter

How the Hours Succeed - from her book, A Talent For Sadness

Harvey Stanbrough

Christmas Eve on the Sidewalk, Upwardly Mobile, Dead Heroes. On The Remarkability
of Poets, This Livin' Ain't No Easy Thing - re-sid-u-a and Lessons For A Barren Population; Chasing Hemingway,
Statute of Limitations - On Love and War and Other Fallacies and Lessons For A Barren Popular Good News - On Love and War and Other Fallacies A Poet's Wish - The Road Less Traveled, a textbook

Mary Gribble

Work This In - Tucumcari Literary Review; War Orphan - Trends; Stolen Spring - won 6th Place in Writer's Digest International Competition; Will Be Again - Trends; Review - Tucumcari Literary Review, Finalist Winner, WDIC; Cover Letter - American Poets and Poetry in 2000, The Jerk - Raintown Review in 2000; They Said They Wanted It Back Poetically Yours; Ham and Egos - Miscibles, A Shot of Lemonade - Poetically Yours, Finalist Winner, WDIC, A Few Wet Bars - Tucumcari Literary Review, Finalist Winner, WDIC.

The Vision of I Think Therefore Iambic

To build a home for living poets - giving their best work as great an influence for good as the work of those who have the advantage of death, special connections or privilege.

We extend our deepest sympathy to, and our prayers for the families and of the cruel and horrendous disaster of September 11. This travesty of all that is beautiful, creative, good and human, this punishment of the innocent, these deeds so cold, ugly and ignorant that they cannot stand up to the coldest reason, the vicious lying-in-wait crime will be judged some way, some day, as will the spirits of the monsters who mentored these disturbed, youthful criminals. All world citizens whose lives reflect decency, a genuine boldness born of love and respect for those unlike themselves, even in even in darkest circumstances, will be vindicated and brought to blessedness.