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Free Verse - Ted O. Badger

Ted O. Badger is the editor/publisher of Lucidity, A Journal of Verse. His words:

I am a native Texan so I have the usual Texas drawl when I speak. I am 6'3" tall and weigh about 210 pounds. I am well educated with three university degrees and after 20 years of work, retired from Texaco. Though I retired from Texaco a long while ago, I still work as a literary publisher from my home office. For 20 years I have published a national poetry magazine Lucidity featuring poems from poets across the country.

In addition, for 13 years I have sponsored a yearly poetry conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, with poets attending from all over the USA. I also publish small books of poetry for other writers. I make heavy use of the computer for publishing and also for daily communication. In May of 2004, I flew to Rome, enjoyed a Mediterranean cruise, and spent two days in London. I am 81 years old ... a fact I have achieved by refusing to die so far. The other bummer is I use a walker to ambulate, mainly to follow my doctor's advice when he said: "Mr. Badger, stay off the ground."

As a result of falls, I have been proficient at breaking leg bones, resulting in a knee and a hip replacement. However, the surgery was wonderfully efficient: I feel no pain and I can walk, drive, travel and dance! True, I use my walker for all of this but it is just mechanical device that enables me to fully enjoy life experiences. Though I am truly old, I still find laughter, sorrow, joy, hope, disappointment, contentment and love just as fully real as ever. The sensations of life belong to all humanity no matter the age.

Sonnet, Lyrical - John Engle

John Engle is a teacher of creative writing in classroom, community, state and national workshops and as a Poet in the Schools in the Ohio Arts Council, he has coached hundreds of young people and adults into print. He served many years as editorial associate of Writer's Digest while writing a column of poetry called Engle's Angle in magazines and newspapers. He also has published fiction, nonfiction and drama and has had one full-length historical drama produced. More than two thousand of John Engle's poems, light, heavy and in-between have appeared in various publications, including The Saturday Evening Post, Good Housekeeping, Ladies' Home Journal, Writer's Digest, Byline, Writer's Journal, His works include Laugh Lightly, Laugh Lightly II, Modern Odyssey, Sea Songs, Tree People, Cycle of Beauty and Present Perfect. His light verse is included in three hard cover anthologies Light Year '86, '87, '88, published by Bits Press. His latest book, Leaning Toward The Light is a hardback on how to write and sell light verse. His poetry has been selected for two Japanese college texts, A College Anthology of American Literature and American Poetry for College Students. He has received many awards for his poetry, including a special award at Indiana State University Writer's conference, the Convention Award from the National Federation of State Poetry Societies in Birmingham and the Grand Prize in the Byline Magazine Poetry Contest, This list includes only a summary of his lifetime awards. Mr. Engle is also a gifted photographer, who often includes his photographs in his poetry books.

Blank Verse, Sonnet, & Villanelle - Harvey Stanbrough

Harvey Stanbrough is Editor/Publisher of The Raintown Review. To quote him, "after enjoying a 21-year civilian appreciation course in the U. S. Marine Corps," Harvey Stanbrough attended Eastern New Mexico University, where he managed "to sneak up" (his words), on a bachelor's degree in English. Harvey's current online book Lessons For a Barren Population*, has recently been released. Previous books (paper) include re-sid-u-a and On Love and War and Other Fallacies. The latter book was nominated for a 1999 Pulitzer Prize in Letters.