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The Rondeau

"There is more to life than increasing its speed."

Mohandeas Karamchand Gandhi (1869-1948)
Indian Statesman


A world gone mad, as rondeau, stunned a few;
how singing larks from canopies of blue
looked down on suffering and soldiers slain
in trust that they did not give all in vain,
that peace would come where crimson
poppies grew.

Above red blossoms, crosses claimed the view.
The poet spoke of bitter loss in lieu
of light frivolity in a refrain,
a world gone mad.

From the beginning, men have known the pain
of knowing all which will be asked again.
"In Flanders Fields" tells us that cold
winds blew,
but could not dim man's passion to renew.
No war should ever be; each leaves its stain.
a world gone mad.

Mary Gribble
San Marino, CA


In your own woods, there breathes the mystery
of softly hooting owls we cannot see,
spiced poet stew you stir-fry in your camp,
Frost's folklore that the woods are dark and
osmosis to our curiosity.
We do not judge your forests flippantly
nor wish to prune your glory, tree by tree,
shun deadline's curse; may new verse light
the lamp
in your own woods.
What's nesting in your timber holds the key
of how you deal with our S A S E
As bards negotiate the splintered ramp,
let no unknown be thrown your reject stamp.
Instead of Us and Them, believe in We
in your own woods.

Mary Gribble
San Marino, CA

"Fear cannot be without hope nor hope without fear."

Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677)
Dutch Philosopher


You don't like fun things. She and Daddy do.
I rode in their big car and it's brand new.
He lets me skip baths so that I won't sneeze
and I can stay up all night if I please.
With them, I swallow whole, no need to chew.

When I missed Sunday School, they did not stew;
their tube has cowboy killings by the slew.
I even skip my prayers; hard on the knees.
You don't like fun things.

I climbed up on their roof and saw the view.
They told me you're old-fashioned; the world's new.
She doesn't cry, but smiles when he says,
You don't laugh when they bring me late, or
I had a malt; (just steak enough for two.)
You don't like fun things.

Mary Gribble
Los Angeles, CA

"It is not helps, but obstacles, not facilities but difficulties, that make men."

William Mathews 1818 - 1909
American Author


"Sand in yer shoes", beneath white beard, he cried,
"I've known false friends and once I did collide
with one who hired a mouthpiece, said he'd sue
me our of my security and view
of life as being worth the strength applied.

"I've climbed some sloppy slopes, for I hang-glide,
negotiated down drafts for the ride.
What steals a man's ambition? I soon knew:

sand in yer shoes.

"Through earthquakes, fires and floods, Lord, how I tried
to retrace how these stopped me, wrecked my pride,
yet on my trip the very worst came through
as I searched for the beautiful and true,
I feel it push whatever's worse aside:

sand in yer shoes."

Mary Gribble
Los Angeles CA

"We are sure to get the better of fortune if we do but grapple with her."

Lucius Anneals Seneca (4 B.C. - 65 A.D.)
Roman Stoic Philosopher


Junk jewelry will still be there
to liven up her face and hair.
A bold barrette in locks of gray,
helps her forget he did not stay.
that she no longer is a pair.

She trashes myths that life is fair,
commands her soul to smile and dare.
What will snare doom, scare gloom away?
Junk jewelry.

To scorn reality's harsh wear,
her neck and ears need not be bare.
While glass gem hues chase blues away,
she pays her dues throughout the day.
What brings a laugh, at least a stare?
Junk jewelry.

Mary Gribble
San Marino, CA


Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712 - 1778)


"Hush up and hear!" the memo said.
"Place me by your phone and bed."
(concrete advice to stir and cook
from the Success Instruction Book.)
"Find what his longings are; be led."

Commercially, all salesmen tread
to nudge desire before it's dead
their saint-like listening the hook:
Hush up and hear!"

Its harsh rebuke controls a head
and humbles each to quadruped
the witty words which they forsook
all wise response the rulebook took.
Four syllables secure their bread:
"Hush up and hear!"

Mary Gribble
San Marino, CA


Arthur Schopenhauer ( 1788 - 1860 )


When undisturbed, time can be gold,
although this metal slips from hold.
Throw wasted seconds in the bin
let reason fly above the din.
Art Schopenhauer's pen was bold.

when he wrote genius grows cold
from babies to the very old
when hindered, and can only win:
When undisturbed..
All genius will find its mold.
as fortune draws it to the fold.
It does not need the crutch of sin,
declines the touch of friend and kin,
reviews and questions all it's told.
When undisturbed.

Mary Gribble
San Marino CA


William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616)
English Poet and Dramatist


Funny ideas; thin threads unglued
curl lovingly around a crude
agenda. Curiosity
spits questions how can leaders free
their strings from sense and not be sued.
Tied to their chins, the people brood,
mid jolly spins there's no such mood.
Can't someone see? How can this be?
Funny ideas.
Respectful warnings loudly shooed
away, as being under-clued
As hubris rides into the sea,
The Emperor grabs you and me,
still unaware that he is nude.
Funny ideas.

Mary Gribble
San Marino, CA

The Human:
"Sole judge of truth, in endless error hurled: The glory , jest and riddle of the world!"

Alexander Pope 1688-1744
English Poet


You did not call, not when I hoped you would,
In fact, not late, nor early – just not there,
And now, I have to choose the bad or good
And know disinterest, spot it in midair.

The morning is a time to be aware
That if you come into my neighborhood
I'm duty bound to bid you have a chair,
You did not call, not when I hoped you would.

The noontime with some tea to set the mood
Likewise might pressure me to primp my hair,
But every time I peeked, no caller stood,
In fact, not late, nor early – just not there.

Mid-afternoon held promise for some flair
At entertaining one who warms my blood.
My wish to stir you doesn't have a prayer.
And now, I have to choose the bad or good.

But evening may yet show me how I should
Recover from adversity, prepare
To glean a bit of faith from life's driftwood.
And know disinterest, spot it in midair.

The night will hide my sadness if I swear
At cruel fate and things not understood–
You made a date, but showed you did not care:
No ringing phone or bell, or knock on wood.
You did not call.

Troxey Kemper
Los Angeles, CA

"God is love, but get it in writing."

Gypsy Rose Lee


From me to you
the feelings flowed. With good intent
from me to you
a romance bloomed. What did you do
but coldly spurn and circumvent
the overtures and warmth that went
from me to you.

Troxey Kemper
Los Angeles, CA

"Poetry is the utterance of deep and heartfelt truth — the true poet is  very near the oracle."

Edwin Hubbell (1814-1880)
Americaan Unitarian Clergyman